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The Omega Manifesto


The Omega Manifesto establishes Christian worldview for the last days while exposing the end game of the global elite and the New World Order they have long envisioned. Author, Theologian, and Researcher Scott Keisler packs over nine years of in-depth research into this uncompromising volume as he skillfully shatters the false-reality matrix of establishment politics, economics, the media and more. The Omega Manifesto covers a wide range of fascinating topics including but not limited to creation / evolution, Israel in prophecy, the Illuminati, the Purpose Driven / Church Growth movements, Genesis 6 and the Nephilim, UFOs, and Satanism. The final chapter of is a blockbuster in which the previous nine chapters come together in a startling and unexpected way.  After reading this explosive book you’ll never look at the world the same again!

The Omega Manifesto is available as an eBooks via Kindle, Nook & Google Books:

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Dragon’s Deception – A history of secret societies, the new world order, and the occult.

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