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Scott Keisler’s Truth and Liberty Blog is dedicated to independent journalism, peaceful activism, and outside the box research that digs a little deeper.  Truth and Liberty Blog brings to the table both a Biblical Christian worldview and an understanding of global geo-politics that the ignorant often call conspiratorial.  (The term ignorant is not intended as a perjorative.)

The guiding principles of TLB are the fundamentals of Evangelicalism and JudeoLogo2 Christian morality, economic freedom, and limited accountable government.  Politically TLB transcends the debate-limiting and dumbed-down left-right paradigm (a term popularized by Alex Jones) and has been influenced by various streams of political thought including Populism, Classical Liberalism, Libertarianism, Constitutionalism, and Paleoconservatism.  Truth and Liberty Blog optimistically holds to the notion that no matter what, truth always gets to speak last.

TLB fundamentally rejects the tenants of philosophical Humanism, Progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, Communism, Fascism, Neoconservatism, the Third Way, and any other form of tyrannical and dehumanizing Statism.

TLB also believes that the ongoing effort to bring about a New World Order – a diverse but unified economic, legal-political, and spiritual system that is global in scope – is the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy and will culminate with the coming  coronation of the antichrist and false prophet, the overt representation of Satan on Earth.  Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction and TLB is alarmed by the fact that the average Christian is in a state of almost complete ignorance when it comes to critical issues like spiritual warfare, Satanic Ritual Abuse, media mind control, and the human-angel hybrids as described in Genesis 6 and elsewhere in the Bible.

Truth and Liberty Blog explores these weightier aspects of human existence bravely, with integrity, and most importantly by the Grace of God.

13700112_126557901115114_935501777298002432_nABOUT THE AUTHOR
In addition to being an author, researcher, and independent media personality, Scott Keisler is also a musician, traveler, and photographer.  Scott is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana and currently resides in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  He authored the paperback book The Omega Manifesto in 2012 and in 2013 produced the full-length video Dragon’s Deception  which was loosely based on the book.

The 36 year old twin has been a guest on several well-known alternative media radio programs including The Hagmann and Hagman Report and The Vinny Eastwood Show.  Scott has been a featured author and guest contributor on various popular Alt-Right blogs and websites.  Mr. Keisler was also a volunteer contributor for CollegeHoopsNet (now defunct) in 2003 and 2004.

Scott also produced and starred in the Omega News podcast, a program which featured cutting edge interviews with expert guests like Tom Horn, Joe Hagmann, Gary Kah, Cris Putnam, Ray Comfort, Carl Teichrib, Dr. Stanley Monteith, Russ Dizdar and others.

Scott has a B.A. in Journalism from Indiana University and a M.T.S. from the Anderson University School of Theology.

Scott Keisler and TLB pledge not to engage in the following:

  • unnecessary name calling or insults (we attack ideas but not people)
  • sensationalism / yellow journalism / click-baiting (alternative media has a real problem with this)

Conversely TLB will:

  • follow the truth no matter where it leads
  • admit to being wrong if we are wrong

I hope readers will find Truth and Liberty Blog to be a steady, level-headed, and helpful resource in these tumultuous times.  I pledge to be loyal only to the truth and to resist any form of tyranny over the mind of man – Scott Keisler