Scott A. Keisler | April 19, 2019

GENEVA – On April 12th the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee expressed “deep concern” about the recent increase in transmission of the Ebola Virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and “the potential risk of spread to neighboring countries.”

The current outbreak in Congo began in August of 2018 and has caused more than 800 deaths. More than 100 cases were reportedly confirmed last week.

The 2013-2016 outbreak of Ebola in Congo and West Africa claimed more than 11,000 lives.

WHO lists the average mortality rate of Ebola Virus as 50 percent but some strains kill up to 90 percent of those infected.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease include fever, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal and stomach pain, and unexplained hemorrhaging (bruising or bleeding).

It’s pretty gruesome. The Organic Prepper quotes Daisy Luther,

Part of the reason Ebola seems particularly terrifying is the graphic presentation, which is the stuff of horror movies. It is a hemorrhagic disease, which means that it can cause bleeding from the mouth, eyes, nose, and rectum.

Health workers and government officials are working to contain the current outbreak but it may be a while before they succeed entirely. AP reported Saturday,

Some health experts predicted months ago that the outbreak would end within six months’ time. As complications keep appearing, the time frame is pushed back.

“Given the average number of cases we’re seeing now, this is not going to be over for at least another six months or more,” Tariq Riebl with the International Rescue Committee said Friday.

Disturbingly, Breitbart reported Monday that 20 Congolese migrants were being monitored for Ebola at two shelters near the border of Texas and Mexico.

Ebola carriers are contagious when they are symptomatic but the disease is not airborne, which means it cannot (that we know of) be spread through the air. The virus is spread through bodily fluids which makes it more difficult to contract than say the flu. But it can still be spread from human to human.


Strangely the Centers for Disease Control owns the patent for a strain of the Ebola Virus known as EboBun. The patent applies to future strains that share at least 70 percent similarity to EboBun.

A look at the patent itself reveals that it has a list of inventors. Does EboBun’s ‘invention’ imply that it has been genetically modified by scientists or even that Ebola itself is a man-made bio-weapon as many have long suspected?

Bayer / Monsanto via Merck & Co. has developed an experimental Ebola Vaccine that is reportedly 97 percent effective. For now the vaccination remains unlicensed but as an example of the growing chorus to make it official BusinessWire is reporting today that “AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is urging the World Health Organization (WHO) to expedite the drug’s approval.”

The general population is growing increasingly educated to the dangers of Big Pharma vaccines. TLB believes that the science of vaccination is legitimate – although the argument for the efficacy of vaccines may not be as watertight as most believe.

But even if the effectiveness of vaccines is beyond dispute the problem is what is being added to them – heavy metals, adjuvants, neurotoxins, live viruses and more. Plus the ill-effects of such toxic substances can be multiplied by stacking several vaccines together and injecting them all at the same time.

Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment have a Public Relations Problem on their hands and they need some good press.

The scenario below is based on TLB war-gaming the present PR situation from the perspective of Big Pharma and is not a prediction per-se.

What if migrants from Congo and West Africa make their way to the United States and magically come down with Ebola Virus once they get here? (The incubation period for Ebola is 2-21 days.) And what if the strain involved is more contagious than other Ebola strains, causing it to spread at an alarming rate?

Ebola is an aesthetic nightmare – wall to wall media coverage of the zombie apocalypse carnage would terrify the average American. Much to the delight of Bayer-Monsanto-Merck, State Governments or the Federal Government could then make the newly approved Ebola vaccine compulsory – much of the shell-shocked public would eagerly comply.

The vaccines in this case would be clean with minimal to no side-effects and very effective in preventing the spread of Ebola. Big Pharma and the fake news media would then pontificate endlessly about the safeness and wonder of vaccines and lament tirelessly over the ignorance and general maliciousness of tin-foil-hat-wearing anti-vaccination knuckle-draggers.

It’s a perfect scenario for Big Pharma. Bayer-Monsanto-Merck make money hand over fist, the vaccine industry is (falsely) vindicated, and the Globalist agenda to enslave humanity marches on.