Scott A. Keisler | January 10, 2019

In just a few days the government shutdown that began on December 22nd will become the longest in U.S. history. The shutdown of December 1995 dragged on for 21 days but the present standoff will surpass that dubious mark if there is not a resolution by Saturday.

Neither President Trump nor the Democrats are showing any signs of backing down.

Yesterday Trump walked out of a meeting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer after only a few minutes, tweeting that it was a total waste of time:

Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog observed this morning,

…it looks like both sides fully expect the other party to blink first, but the truth is that neither side is likely to yield any time soon.

It was widely anticipated that President Trump would declare a state of emergency on Tuesday evening during is Oval Office address to the nation. Instead the President chose a more conciliatory path inviting Democrats and Congress to the table one more time to work something out.

It is pretty obvious that there is no negotiating with the leadership of Democrats who would seemingly rather have the country implode than allow President Trump even a small victory. None-the-less, POTUS may have made the right call on Tuesday evening by holding off on declaring a state of emergency.

By waiting a while longer he has made every effort to appear reasonable and measured. Also waiting a few extra days allows time to build support among his base for an action that is certainly quite drastic.

President Trump made it clear yesterday that declaring a state of emergency is still a possibility that is on the table. As reported by The Hill,

President Trump on Wednesday said he may declare a national emergency to circumvent Congress and build a border wall if spending talks fail, raising the stakes for negotiations set to resume later in the day.

“I think we might work a deal, and if we don’t we might go that route,” Trump told reporters during a bill signing in the Oval Office.

The New York Times is reporting this morning that no additional negotiations are scheduled. The headline of the same article reads “Trump, Heading to the Border, Suggests He Will Declare an Emergency to Fund the Wall.”

TLB is supportive of such a declaration. It will accomplish at least three things:

  • It will give President Trump legal authority to order the United States military to begin building the wall
  • It will or could potentially give POTUS authority to begin cleaning out the bureaucracy and the stay-behind networks of the deep state that are currently opposing the nationalist-populist agenda of the Trump movement
  • It will allow President Trump to overwrite Executive Orders put in place by President Barack Obama that are the legal basis for much of the deep state opposition Trump is facing

If a state of emergency were declared today it would likely take a while for construction of a wall / barrier to begin because the left will almost undoubtedly introduce legal challenges that will take time going through the courts.

If President Trump is truly to drain the swamp he will need to launch a mass-firing campaign to get rid of all who are loyal to the globalists and not the current head of the Executive Branch. On top of these firings the country also needs to see the indictment and prosecution of at least a few deep state figureheads to put the fear of God back into Washington, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

There would need to be a special emphasis on taking back the Department of Justice and the FBI so that the rule of law can be restored – currently elites are completely lawless and do whatever they wish.

In terms of prosecution and indictment Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show suggests that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a great place to start. By following the chain from Wasserman Schultz to Huma Abedin to Anthony Weiner and down the line the dominos would begin to fall and the re-captured DOJ and FBI can go from there.

President Obama declared a national emergency in February 2011 and this continued all the way through the end of his second term. In fact this state of emergency was renewed in January 2017 just before President Trump took office. The media which had no problem with Obama’s declaration will all of the sudden claim that President Trump has no authority to take the same action.

Within the context of a national emergency POTUS can also simply revoke many of Obama’s Executive Orders – and for that matter the myriad of other unconstitutional orders issued by past Presidents. Ronald Reagan is the gold standard in this category – he revoked over 400 Executive Orders during his presidency in an effort to bring real change to Washington.

If President Trump fails to take this drastic action he will be relegated to a mere figurehead and the globalist apparatus will stand unchallenged at the helm of the ship of state.

TLB fears this point has already been reached and thus supports such a radical course of action by President Trump. In all honestly it may end badly but at some point patriots have to take their stand.