Scott A. Keisler | December 30, 2018

Two years into the Donald J. Trump presidency it has become painfully apparent that the Make America Great Again movement is not going to succeed. The Mid-Term red tsunami was a red whimper. There is no coherent plan in which to trust.

This is a reality with which people must now deal.

In boxing when a manager recognizes his fighter has been battered and bruised and has absolutely zero shot of winning the bout he throws in the towel as a concession of defeat. It is time to recognize that President Trump has no shot of defeating deep state swamp creatures and the globalists to whom they are beholden.

The Economy
President Trump foolishly took credit for what was so obviously a recovery bubble that could not last. In fairness, Trump did not create the bubble, he inherited it. Yes he did manage to postpone the bursting of the bubble through tax cuts and creating a more confident climate but what was really needed was massive restructuring, the slashing of rapacious government spending and honesty with the American people regarding the true state of the economy.

Of course the latter did not happen and TLB agrees with Peter Schiff that President Trump will now own the inevitable recession that has likely already begun.

Only days after rightly pointing to the Federal Reserve as the main cause of America’s economic woes amid rumors that he might fire Chairman Jerome Powell, Trump suddenly urged Americans to ‘buy the dip’ and publicly supported both Powell and Goldman Sachs’ Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin.

Talk about a John Kerry-esque flip-flop.

War? Yes, please.
Many were rightly excited to hear news of President Trump’s decision to remove U.S. troops from both Syria and Afghanistan. In the days following the announcements, however, it has been quietly conceded that the U.S. has been occupying the eastern third of Syria – the portion east of the Euphrates river which of course is where much of the oil wealth resides.

The foreign policy establishment has been boasting that the U.S. still has 5,000 troops in Iraq that can launch attacks into Syria if needed. Actually the President himself has been repeating this line.

TLB concluded long ago that in terms of both the domestic economy and foreign policy there is no real left and right – there is only the establishment. And on both fronts the establishment is having its proverbial way with the President.

Part of the problem is that Trump is simply not in control of what happens. Thirty years ago President Ronald Reagan repeatedly gave directives that were somehow never acted upon. The deep state has had three decades to further consolidate and they can almost completely neutralize the President if they wish.

Trump has rightly identified key problems in a general way – the globalists, the deep state, the Federal Reserve, the Military Industrial Complex, etc –  but his understanding seems to lack the sophistication necessary to form an effective counterattack. Frankly at times this lack of sophistication looks more like utter incoherence.

Look in the mirror
In ancient Israel the people refused to allow God to lead them directly and they demanded a king whom they hoped would step in and fix everything for them.

Americans are addicted to the Presidency. We sit on the couch and opine about things while somehow hoping that one man will change things all by his lonesome. The vast majority of citizens fail to make any real commitment of personal involvement and even worse, we fail to recognize our own responsibility for what does or does not happen.

We complain on social media and somehow imagine that this passes for involvement.

The Executive Branch was intended to be co-equal in power with the Legislative and Judicial Branches, not above them. With the exception of a few enumerated powers, the federal government was intended to be subservient to state governments and state governments in most cases should be subservient to local governments.

Our focus should really be on local government but how many of us have ever done anything at the local level? (I’m talking to myself here, too.)

At the end of the day President Trump will fail because we have failed. We failed to care enough to really do anything. We failed to face the reality of what we have become. We failed to accept the inevitable pain of change in the short to medium term for the sake of a better long term.

And most of all we failed to repent before the Lord of Hosts both individually and collectively. The time is coming soon when things will be so bad that we’ll have no other choice but to cry out to God for mercy and grace.

Happily in that day He will hear our cries and use our utter destitution to effect real change on His terms alone.