Assessing the Threat Posed by Impending Ballot Re-Counts

Truth and Liberty Blog | November 26, 2016

Having had some time to ponder on the Jill Stein lead move to initiate ballot re-counts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, it is my belief that these recount efforts are very unlikely to succeed.  Nonetheless, I want to say up front that we as Donald Trump’s base of support must double and triple down, get politically hard core, and take any effort to undermine or overturn the 2016 Election results very, very seriously.  Now is not the time for complacency.

There are at least four key reasons why I doubt that leftest recount efforts can succeed – if we define success as actually being able to change the election outcome.

Reason #1 – Breathtaking Hypocrisy
At the close of the third debate Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked Donald Trump if he would “absolutely accept the results of this election.”  Mr. Trump responded with a wait and see attitude, causing Hillary Clinton and the corporate whore media to have a major meltdown .

The President Elect’s position was a perfectly reasonable one, especially within the context of historically recent voter and election fraud in this country.  But Hillary Clinton – with that grin of hers – crowed in response,

“That is not the way our democracy works.  We’ve been around for 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections. We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.”

For days on end following the final debate the presstitutes repeated similar mantras, piously proclaiming their ‘confidence in our democracy’ while calling Mr. Trump’s position ‘disgraceful’ and ‘a threat to the peaceful transition of power’.

Just 16 years ago Al Gore challenged the Presidential Election results in Florida, the State that would ultimately decided who would occupy the White House.  To be fair, George W. Bush, Carl Rove, and the Republicans probably did steal Florida, but how can these people with a straight face sit there and lecture us about ‘how our democracy works’ when they challenged the results only four election cycles ago?

But that’s only the first layer of hypocrisy.  After losing in 2016 they immediately took to the streets in protest, initiated petitions to overturn the Electoral College, and now they are calling for recounts in the decisive States.  Their double-hypocrisy is breathtaking!

I realize that these people subscribe to the Jesuit notion of the ends justifying the means and the communist notion of whatever it takes.  Philosophical Progressives are inherently amoral people. They trash Trump merely for being open to the possibility of challenging the election result (even though they themselves have recently done so) and now they look like punks and fools because they are – wait for it – challenging the election result!

Reason #2 – Past Election Challenges Have Rarely Succeeded
Again this speaks to historical precedent.  The current challenge is unlikely to succeed because with few exceptions past challenges have failed.  Yesterday WND’s Jerome Corsi wrote,

“Recounts have rarely succeeded in changing the outcome of elections.

One of the few exceptions was the 2008 Senate contest in Minnesota in which Democratic challenger Al Franken defeated incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman after the initial count had Coleman winning by 215 votes. The recount included 953 previously rejected absentee ballots, and the State Canvassing Board on Jan. 5, 2009, declared Franken the winner by 225 votes.

Twenty states and the District of Columbia provide by law for automatic recounts if the margin between the two candidates is within a certain percentage point. In Idaho, for example, a recount is triggered if the difference is 0.1 percent of the total votes cast for the office.”

Reason #3 – They’re the ones who committed the fraud!
The final Electoral College count (306-232 Trump) and the Popular Vote margin (64.2M – 62.2M Hillary) are both fraudulent results.  If the truth is ever uncovered, it will not be that Hillary Clinton won the Electoral College after a second look, it will be that Trump won the electoral college with as many as 351 votes and that he also won the popular vote by a margin of between 2 and 7 million.

What evidence is there for this claim?

  • As many a 3 million illegal aliens voted (advantage Clinton)
  • As many as 4 million dead registered voters ‘voting’ (Democrats)
  • Precincts with 100% or more participation rates (the national average was 65% and these precincts of course went to Clinton, some of them with 100% of the vote!)
  • Ballot stuffing for Clinton
  • Large urban Precincts withholding votes for hours at a time, allowing them to engage in the needed ‘fraction magic’ to swing the vote (Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashua, NH, Broward County & Palm Beach County Florida, etc)
  • Smoking gun evidence of Fraction Magic, which allows a central computer to flip the results for an entire State in seconds
  • Democrats admitting to bussing people around to multiple precincts to vote multiple times
  • Democrats voting in multiple states
  • Fake polling results before the election in an effort to demoralize potential Trump voters and prevent them from voting because they thought Trump couldn’t win
  • I believe the Hillary’s margin of victory was inflated in highly populated States like California and New York.  Fewer people were watching these States as Hillary’s win was expected.  If you inflate Hillary’s win in California and New York alone by just one percent that increases Clinton’s total in the national popular vote by 360,000 votes.

I am still working on gathering hard data, but my belief is that  in swing states like Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin President Elect Trump’s margin of victory was wider than reported.  Also as many as five or six blue states including New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, Minnesota, an/or Maine may have actually gone to Mr. Trump if the the true results ever came out.

Real Results?

Team Trump prepared for the eventuality of massive voter fraud.  The fraud did take place, but Mr. Trump’s victory was by a wide enough margin that that we were able to overcome the fraud.

Team Trump’s lawyers, Oath Keepers Operation Sabot 2016, Roger Stone’s Stop the Steal, Bev Harris, John Brakey, Greg Phillips,, Trump’s activist supporters, and fearless members of the alternative media – we are all standby.

Let me ask Democrats and globalists a question. Do you really want to play this game because we can play!

Reason #4 – There are still skeletons in the establishment closet, not everything came out during the Presidential Campaign
Between Wikileaks, Donald Trump’s truth-telling, and the yeoman’s effort of the alternative media, much of the corruption and abject criminality of the establishment came to light, really for the first time on a massive scale.  But not everything that could have come out did come out.  We got teasers as to what the bombshell revelations would have been, but only enough to let the globalists know what we had.  From John Podesta’s Satanic spirit cooking, to secret pedophilia rings, to arming Isis and running drugs, there is reportedly enough to bring down the entire Washington-New York-Hollywood establishment.  As Alex Jones said during a report filed yesterday these yet undisclosed revelations are potentially so horrifying and so damning that they would wound the entire nation and set us back a long way.

During the final week of the election there was also reportedly a soft counter-coup that took place among patriots in the intelligence community, the military, and even in the DNC establishment.  Insiders were sick of the corruption and they stood up to the criminal powers that be in this country.  It is going to take more of this among all of the American people to take this country back.

Between the undisclosed revelations that can still be made public and an nation wide awareness of election fraud that reached a critical mass, Team Trump and the people were able to cause Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the mainstream media to stand down.

But the bombshell revelations are still in our hip pocket.

Let me ask Democrats and globalists a question. Do you really want to play this game because we can play!

I do not believe that the Democrats and the globalists will succeed in their efforts to overturn the result of 2016 Presidential Election.  With that said we must be extremely vigilant and take the threat very seriously.  We need to gather information – especially hard data – pool our resources, and let the other side know that we mean business and that we are here to play.

Even if the globalists are not able to wrest the Presidential Nomination away from Mr. Trump, it appears that they are succeeding in unifying / rallying their own lemming base. At the same time they are seeking to deligitimize and undermine the Trump Administration before it even gets off the ground.  Furthermore, by calling into question nearly every Cabinet appointment that President Elect Trump’s transition team makes, they seek to divide and undermine Trump’s base of support and thus make it easier for the establishment to co-opt his Presidency.

We must unite and work harder than ever, first through the December 19th Electoral College vote, and then through President Elect Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.