Reliving Donald Trump’s Remarkable Path to Victory

Truth and Liberty Blog | November 12, 2016

They said his candidacy was a joke, assuring us it was not to be taken seriously.  But Donald Trump quickly showed that he was not only a contender, but the GOP front-runner.

The arrogant and corrupt establishment then confidently proclaimed that Mr. Trump could never win the Republican nomination.  Political and media insiders went into take-down mode, working to turn prognostication into self-fulfilling prophecy.  The mainstream media smeared Mr. Trump as a racist and ignorant ‘loose cannon’ while Republican elites conspicuously joined forces – #NeverTrump became the establishment rallying cry.

When this wasn’t enough to derail the Trump Train, which the American people were boarding in droves, the mainstream media, the DNC, and the Republican brass pulled out all the stops to end the Donald once and for all.  The frenzied media continued to attack relentlessly 24/7, Democrats predictably cried racist-sexist-homophobic, and GOP RINOs resorted to internal dirty tricks.

Just hours before the Primary Polls closed in Iowa, Senator Ted Cruz’s campaign falsely claimed the Dr. Ben Carson had dropped out of the race, allowing Cruz to sweep in and collect the last-minute votes – stealing valuable delegates away from the Mr. Trump.  As the Primaries rolled along irrelevant candidates like Governor John Kasich refused to drop out, thus diluting the number of delegates available for the obvious front-runner. The strategy was to prevent Donald Trump from reaching the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination, forcing a brokered convention. After the first ballot delegates would not have been obliged to stick with Trump, allowing the GOP to install their own puppet in spite of the will of the people.

Perhaps the most brazen instance of skullduggery occurred in Colorado where Senator Cruz took all of the delegates without a single vote ever being cast.  Who knew things like this could happen in America?!

Despite all this Mr. Trump surpassed the 1,400 delegate mark and his support continued to swell.  As the Republican Convention approached in Summer Cleveland, Republican insiders desparately floated the idea of amending Convention rules, allowing delegates to ‘vote their conscience’ (not for Trump).  They were in effect calling for an internal coup.

Donald Trump and his campaign did not take all of this laying down, they fought back.  The Alternative Media and Trump supporters defiantly stormed the internet and social media and Team Trump secured the GOP nomination.

“Can anything stop the Trumpian revolution?” observers began to ask.

“Relax,” said the media, “Secretary Clinton will easily defeat Donald Trump in the general election.”  (Never mind the fact that Senator Bernie Sanders did take dirty tricks laying down and did allow the Democratic nomination to be stolen from him and his enthusiastic supporters.)

The post-convention Presidential race saw the media ramp up (if that were possible) their 24/7 attacks on Donald Trump.  The media have always favored leftists candidates but in this election cycle they dispensed with any pretense and openly became Clinton Campaign surrogates.  They shielded Crooked Hillary from scandal after scandal, intentionally published polls that were methodologically flawed in order to influence the general public, and they relentlessly slandered candidate Trump.

The debate commission, the media, and the Democrats rigged the debates in favor of Hillary Clinton, who received tthe he questions ahead of time and enjoyed the help of moderators who nakedly injected themselves into the debates.  Instead of moderating they participated.  Many of Mr. Trump’s questions were premised with underlying assumptions.

Donald Trump took the bitter attacks and the dirty tricks for the American people and he garnered their support the old fashioned way – he worked his ass off.  Speaking in three, four, and even five cities a day, Mr. Trump was a work horse who showed why he is a success in the business world.   In a similar way Trump supporters rolled up their sleeves and would not be denied.  Team Trump’s  election effort was the embodiment of Americana and it was a beautiful thing to watch.  Togeher we were pulling it off.

But the media con game continued to the bitter end.  Just hours before the polls opened on election morning the delusional Huffington Post claimed that Hillary Clinton would win 323 electoral votes and that she had a 98 percent chance of winning.  They were drinking their own kool aid.

Even people in the alternative media succumbed to the overt propaganda.  The general feeling among many in ‘Alt-Right’ circles was that Hillary would win a tight race and that Trump’s path to victory in the electoral college might be difficult.

Internal polling conducted by both campaigns, however, told a different story.  These unpublished polls showed that Mr. Trump was up by 5-10 points in key battleground States like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Iowa.  I published my final electoral map projection on Sunday November 6th a bit more than 48 hours before polls began to close on the East Coast.  My analysis was that Mr. Trump needed to flip Michigan, Pennsylvania, OR Virginia, or a combination of two states with a total electoral value of 11 or greater – for example Wisconsin and New Hampshire.  My belief, which I confided in others, was that Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Virginia, and even possibly Colorado were all in play for the GOP nominee (and in that order).


This projection, based on information I was hearing about internal polling, was incredibly accurate.  Please note that my map takes into account anticipated election fraud and voter fraud (not the same thing).  I knew the Democrats would try to steal Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, and Iowa – and they certainly did.  But you can only steal so many votes and my opinion was that Mr. Trump was up by a margin large enough in those states to overcome the fraud, which proved correct.  I had Michigan and Pennsylvania (the latter has historically been Republican fool’s gold) circled as the potentially decisive states.  I was cautiously optimistic.

Questions: If the media polls are so accurate why did both campaigns spend so much money on private internal polling?  Why do the main polling companies refuse to do a truly unbiased poll even if you send them a large check?  Or if they agree to do the poll why do they make you agree not to publish the results?

If you sensed that these were rhetorical questions your instincts are good.  The public polls were designed by the Tavistock Institute to influence public opinion, not to reflect it. (The tax exempt think tanks – Heritage, Hoover, Cato, etc. – use the same model to engineer public policy.)  How is it that little old me could be more accurate than 100 percent of the mainstream media?  Trust me, I’m not that smart!  The answer is that I reported reality and not a manipulative faux-reality projection.

Had President Elect Trump ‘lost’ the election the Alt-Right media, Roger Stone’s, Oath Keepers, and Team Trump’s cadre of lawyers were preparing to fight back.  We were watching the watchers (I personally conducted an exit poll for Stop the Steal) and legal action was being prepared.  I truly believe that this vocal vigilance, combined with the prayers of countless spirit-filled Christians, significantly reduced the amount of cheating and fraud that took place.  This may very well have been the deciding factor in President Elect Trump’s historic victory.

America has spoken.  The political establishment and media elites – who together are mouthpieces for globalists and multinational corporate special interests – attempted to lie, cheat, and steal their way to the election of another corrupt puppet candidate.  We the People have finally looked beyond the veil of media and politicians to the true power structure operating in the shadows behind the scenes.  This deep state establishment owes no loyalty to America or the American people.  Politicians operating above the law, the media openly lying and not even pretending to be objective, and the establishment nearly stealing an election in plain view – these are merely manifestations of the abjectly corrupt ruling oligarchs that control this country.

Their arrogance was their undoing.  These criminals have been put on notice. We, with God’s help, are going to make America Great Again. The election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States is an absolute repudiation of everything for which the ruling elite stand.