As I evaluate at the establishment in this country (and globally) all I see is a gigantic heap of corruption, manipulation, and lies. The establishment (the powers that be, the ruling elite) is a network of powerful insiders that weaves its way through mega-banks, the financial system, multinational corporations, round table groups, tax-exempt institutes, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Over the next few weeks Truth and Liberty will publish a series of articles presenting unassailable proof that the financial elite and their corporate cronies have totally stacked the deck against the American people – and America itself.

It is not an exaggeration to say that the establishment owns the politicians and the press in this country. Corrupt politicians and the lying media have become nothing more than mouthpieces for the megabanks and the transnational corporatocracy that has grown up around them. Shameless and self-serving stooges in Washington and at network / cable news channels (including FoxNews) spend all of their time laboring not for the people but for their corporate puppet masters who pull the strings from behind the scenes. (The puppet government model goes back to the British Empire which I would argue was formally folded into the American establishment in the period between 1913 and 1945.)

Politicians and the media spend almost all of their time projecting a false reality into existence and deluding the people into going along with the establishment’s divisive and pre-determined agenda of social engineering and control. They use a glaze of PR spin (a la Edward Bernays), psychological manipulation, and the power of the media cycle in conjunction with distortion, omission, and even abject lies to make their phony reality seem not only authentic, but benevolent. There is a scientific, technological, and psychological overlay to all of this that makes the entire racket devastatingly effective.

I don’t say this to be sensationalistic or conspiratorial, but America is run by an oligarchy of arch-criminals. As the saying goes, if absolute power corrupts absolutely then at some point the corruption becomes so naked that it can no longer be covered up, even by the most advanced of propaganda and psychological warfare techniques.

I believe we have reached that point. The corruption of the elites is so breathtaking that it can no longer remain hidden. This is also criminology 101. Arch-criminals reach a point to where they want to tell you about the crimes they are committing against you. Sociopaths get off on watching people squirm.

The coming article series Secrets of the Establishment will expose:

  • Mega-banks, which are the belly of the beast

  • Crony capitalism (Wall Street, the Stock Market, so-called ‘Free Trade’ agreements)

  • The political establishment (both the RNC and the DNC, the debate limiting left-right paradigm)

  • The corporate whore media

  • And most likely much more

After reading this article series the reader will begin to understand that the above bullet points are not separate, watertight compartments operating independently of each other. No, together they comprise one giant imperialistic combine that is breathtaking in its magnitude.

Stay tuned because this could get real interesting!