rolex-463010_640It’s time.  For over two years I have not been researching, interviewing, or producing audio-video content.  I have been out of the fight.  But I can no longer maintain my silence.  I must stand up and speak, even if I would rather not.  Duty compels me.

Media lies have reached breath-taking levels I never thought possible.  Corruption and lawlessness prevail in the financial, corporate, and government establishments.  Rebellion, stubbornness, selfishness, ignorance, apathy, and abject evil are the rule and not the exception.  I fear that if I don’t stand up and shout today, tomorrow it will be too late.

It has always been my objective to lay out a comprehensive world view that tells the truth amid a sea of lies and deceit.  This was the essence of both my book and my film.  The Truth and Liberty blog will be no different.

In the coming weeks and months, Lord willing, Truth and Liberty will cover topics like worldview, the Bible, prophecy, spiritual warfare, politics, economics, education, war, the media, the nanny state which is morphing into a police state, election fraud, alternative medicine, fitness, nutrition, and preparedness.

Trust me, I’d rather be on the beach or working out or watching college football.  But I have to stand before the Lord one day soon so it will not do to chase after cheap thrills that ultimately insignificant.  It’s time.  So let’s get after it.